Pet Food Processing Industry

We have the right seals and hoses for Pet Food Manufacturing!

Rubber Fab has a full range of products for the pet food industry. Our Tuf-Flex® is the world’s FIRST unitized gasket, making it the perfect seal for many different applications. The variety of hoses we offer will not impart taste or odor and are extremely flexible. For more information on these products and to see them in action in our case studies, please visit our case studies.

Pet Food Processing Gaskets

Tuf-Steel® Gaskets

  • New Standard in SIP (Steam in Place) gasket stability and longevity
  • Composed of a unique 50/50 blend of PTFE and 316L atomized and passivated stainless steel
  • Provides outstanding performance in sanitary steam pipe connections
  • Also available in sheet
Tuf-Flex® Gaskets

  • Combining the flexibility of an elastomer with the chemical resistance of PTFE
  • Performance with exceptional purity
    –PTFE contact surface
    –EPDM rubber inner core
  • Complete bonded construction provides flexibility in a high purity environment
  • Also available in an Ansi-Flex Full Face Flanged Gasket
Screen Gaskets

  • Fluid conditioning seals designed to be interchangeable with standard sanitary clamp gaskets
  • Metallic screens are available in 316 stainless steel, in a variety of mesh sizes
  • Standard materials and meshes available
Sock Screens

  • Increased surface area over standard screen gaskets
  • Metal 316 Stainless Steel Base is impulse welded
  • Custom lengths available

Pet Food Processing Hoses


  • Convoluted low profile PTFE lined hose with stainless steel cover
  • Withstands high velocity and pressure surges
  • Autoclavable and phthalate free
  • Lower convolutions for minimal pressure drop and ease of cleaning

  • Food grade FDA EPDM rubber hose
  • Smooth inner bore
  • Chemical and ozone resistant
  • Great for hot air blower

  • Food grade FDA smoothbore bromobutyl lined hose with rubber cover
  • Extremely flexible
  • Resistant to CIP solutions
  • Highly abrasion resistant
Golden Bridge Hose Support

  • Safety yellow for high visibility
  • Easy installation with a two-piece design
  • Raised design lifts hose and piping off floor, stopping damming and preventing bacterial growth
  • Protects floor from damage
GOLDEN BRIDGE Assembled, hose bridge