Metal Detection Tubing

Used as a component to metal detection equipment, this Metal Detection Tube can help send a signal to reject contaminated products

Rubber Fab’s Metal Detection Tubes are used as a metal detection machine component for viscous products such as liquids, slurries, syrups, pastes and many other pumped products. When metal is detected in the product flow, a reject signal is channeled to one of the available output relays. The output relay can be used to activate a ball valve, control a visual or audio alarm or send a signal to a PLC and release the rejected product, therefore minimizing product loss and costly downtime.

Rubber Fab’s sanitary metal detection tube assemblies are manufactured using steam-cleanable USDA, FDA approved schedule 80 PVDF pipe suitable for system temperatures of -40°F to +240°F, and 316L sanitary Tri-Clamp® connections.
Available sizes: 1.5″ – 4″

Size Part Number
1-1/2″ 24RFKMD24TC24TCSS
2-1/2″ 40RFKMD40TC40TCSS

Rubber Fab recommends a Rubber Fab factory crimp for this product.

Metal Detection Tubing

Laser Engraved connections available!

Metal Detection Tubing

1. Burst pressure based on tensile strength: B.P. = 2(T.S. x Wall)/OD
2. To calculate working pressure, divide burst pressure by a safety factor of 3.
3. Pressure calculated for tubing only. Connections and ends must be calculated separately.