Case Studies

See Rubber Fab’s products and solutions at work in a multitude of industries.

GYLON® BIO-ECO® Plus Progressive Cavity Pump

The increasing demand of high performance equipment in the Food and Pharmaceutical industry triggered the development of a new excentric cavity pum... Learn More
Custom GYLON BIO-ECO® Sanitary Gaskets in Beverage Filling

A global food & beverage processing equipment manufacturer was experiencing incredibly short gasket lifetime and premature failing of silicone ... Learn More
Detectomer® Manway Gaskets in Meat Processing

A global food processing company responsible for meat massaging realized that after multiple cycles, the seals on the massage units of the silicone... Learn More
Detectomer® Tuf-Steel® Gaskets in Peanut Butter Processing

A leading food processor for peanut butter products had failed to detect contaminations, resulting in two product recalls. In both cases, the cause... Learn More
FDA Brewery Transfer Hose in Craft Brewing

A growing US Craft Brewer encountered an issue when using standard food and beverage hoses, which used nitrile/PVC liner. The hose transferred ambi... Learn More
Golden Bridge Hose Support System in Beverage Manufacturing

A well-known consumer beverage manufacturer had implemented Rubber Fab’s FDA rubber hoses to transfer liquids and to load and unload from storage t... Learn More
GYLON BIO-PRO® Sanitary Gaskets in Animal Vaccine Manufacturing

The elastomeric gasket materials implemented at an animal vaccine manufacturing plant faced several rigorous conditions throughout multiple applica... Learn More
GYLON BIO-PRO® Sanitary Gaskets in Pharmaceutical-grade Gelatin Manufacturing

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade gel caps faced various issues over the years when using both EPDM and PTFE sanitary gaskets. Learn More
GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ Sanitary Gaskets in Oncology Injectables Manufacturing

An oncology injectables manufacturer was struggling with a very short life time of gaskets installed in tri-clamp connections. Learn More
PTFE Lined Hose in Cosmetic Manufacturing

A well-known consumer cosmetics brand was using clear, non-reinforced PVC hoses to transfer liquid for product production processes. Learn More
Tuf-Steel® Sanitary Gaskets in Juice Processing

A large US beverage manufacturer was using standard PTFE tri-clamp gaskets on their hygienic pipe connections. Learn More