Case Studies – Product Innovations at Work

Problems solved with Rubber Fab’s product innovations in action

See Rubber Fab’s products and solutions at work in a multitude of industries. These case studies show how a Rubber Fab product was used to solve a problem, whether it was a leak in a system, a product that wasn’t the right fit or a hose that could not keep up with the demands of the application.

Detectomer® Products in Dairy Processing

Milk is a valuable nutritious food that has a short shelf-life and requires careful handling. Milk is highly perishable because it is an excellent ... Learn More
GYLON® BIO-ECO® Plus Gasket in a Progressive Cavity Pump

The increasing demand of high performance equipment in the Food and Pharmaceutical industry triggered the development of a new excentric cavity pum... Learn More
Detectomer® Products Solve Problems in Food Manufacturing

As a company focusing on utilizing advanced materials to solve customer challenges, Rubber Fab applied our Detectomer® technology for the mixer scr... Learn More
GYLON® Bio-Pro™ In a Cannabis Extraction Application

 Ethanol has been used for centuries as an extraction method and an ingredient to produce perfumes, food colorings and flavorings, medicinal bases,... Learn More
Torquing Issues – Torque-Rite® and Tee

Many regulatory challenges exist in manufacturing facilities that over shadow basic fluid sealing product installation guidelines that ultimately s... Learn More
Livestock Vaccines and GYLON® Bio-Pro Plus™

The purpose of vaccinating is to protect the herd from harmful diseases for health, economic and welfare reasons. Learn More
Custom GYLON BIO-ECO® Sanitary Gaskets in Beverage Filling

A global food & beverage processing equipment manufacturer was experiencing incredibly short gasket lifetime and premature failing of silicone ... Learn More
The Detectomer® Manway Gasket in Meat Processing

A global food processing company responsible for meat massaging realized that after multiple cycles, the seals on the massage units of the silicone... Learn More
Detectomer® Tuf-Steel® Gaskets in Peanut Butter Processing

A leading food processor for peanut butter products had failed to detect contaminations, resulting in two product recalls. In both cases, the cause... Learn More
FDABOC Brewery Transfer Hose in a Craft Brewing Application

A growing US Craft Brewer encountered an issue when using standard food and beverage hoses, which used nitrile/PVC liner. The hose transferred ambi... Learn More
Golden Bridge Hose Support System in Beverage Manufacturing

A well-known consumer beverage manufacturer had implemented Rubber Fab’s FDA rubber hoses to transfer liquids and to load and unload from storage t... Learn More
GYLON BIO-PRO® Sanitary Gaskets in Animal Vaccine Manufacturing

The elastomeric gasket materials implemented at an animal vaccine manufacturing plant faced several rigorous conditions throughout multiple applica... Learn More
GYLON BIO-PRO® Gaskets in Pharmaceutical-grade Gelatin Manufacturing

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade gel caps faced various issues over the years when using both EPDM and PTFE sanitary gaskets. Learn More
GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ Sanitary Gasket Case Study

An oncology injectables manufacturer was struggling with a very short life time of gaskets installed in tri-clamp connections. Learn More
The RFPOC PTFE Lined Hose in Cosmetic Manufacturing

A well-known consumer cosmetics brand was using clear, non-reinforced PVC hoses to transfer liquid for product production processes. Learn More
Tuf-Steel® Sanitary Gaskets in Juice Processing

A large US beverage manufacturer was using standard PTFE tri-clamp gaskets on their hygienic pipe connections. Learn More