Frequently Asked Questions

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Rubber Fab has complied a list of frequently asked questions to better help you understand our business and the industries we serve.

Q: Do you sell direct?
Rubber Fab is a B2B business, meaning we sell through distribution. We have partners all over the world to help serve you in the best way possible.

Q: Since you don’t sell direct, how do I order products? Do you have an online store?
To find the closest distributor to your location, you can either use our handy online chat located on the lower right hand side on our website or give us a call on our main number 973-579-2959! Someone will be able to connect you with either an outside sales representative or a distributor. At the moment, we do not have an online store option.

Q: I placed an order and need tracking. Where can I check the status of my order?
Rubber Fab now offers an easy to use order tracking system that can help provide any updated tracking information on your order! Click the link to head over to the tracking page to begin hunting down your order.


Q: I need to know the chemical compatibility on a particular material you offer. Where can I check?
We offer an extensive chart of what elastomers can withstand against which chemicals. Just click the link! We do recommend speaking with a member of our technical sales team or our applications engineer to confirm what works best with your application.

Q: I need a gasket material that can handle low (high) temperatures, do you have a list of gasket materials and their temperature ranges?
We know that temperature ranges are important in picking a gasket. Click the link to our resource packing outlining gasket materials and their temperature ranges!

Q: Do you have product shelf life statements?
Click the link to download our published shelf life statements for some of our products.

Q: I need a CoA, CoC or additional certification for Rubber Fab products that I ordered. Where can I send my request to?
For any requested for certification, you can send a request to our sales department at

Q: I have a question about a product or want to send an RFQ but don’t have time to call or your business hours are outside of my time zone. Is there an email or other ways of contact Rubber Fab?
We sure do! You can either send an email to or use our online chat located at the bottom of the page on the right. Please note that our business hours are M-F 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Q: I want to be set up as a distributor for Rubber Fab. How do I begin that process?
The first step to being considered as a registered distributor is to be connected with an outside sales representative. To find out who your outside sales rep is, either use our online chat to inquire or send a request to