Address and Company Information

Rubber Fab’s Address and Email Addresses of Office Staff

Address: 26 Brookfield Drive, Sparta, NJ 07871 (*For a GPS location please use “Sparta Township”)
Phone: 973-579-2959
Toll-free: 866-442-2959
Fax: 973-579-7275
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm

Rubber Fab is proud to invite you to tour our new state of the art facility!

Office Management
Gary Huether
General Manager
Inside Technical Sales Team
Leonel Garcia Ext 103 Tom Parisi Ext 113
George Decker Ext 133 Rex Peters Ext 104
Kellie Cash Ext 105 Jackie Scabet Ext 108
Laura O’Brien Ext 150 Ryan Leavy Ext 120
Applications Engineer
Michele Lawes Ext 109
Order Entry & Invoicing
Lisa Mazzucco Ext 110
Order Entry & Invoicing
Nick Rusak Ext 102
Order Entry & Invoicing
Outside Sales Team
Gary Johnson
Regional Sales Manager
Midwest Territory
Brian Johnson
Regional Sales Manager
Central States Territory
John Jago
Regional Sales Manager
South East Territory
Tom Armen
Regional Sales Manager
New England and Canada Territory
Rich Fenimore
Regional Sales Manager
Midwest and South East Territory
Thomas Parsons
Regional Sales Manager
West Coast

Inventory Control

Dori Sweeney Ext 239
Materials Manager
Gaskets, Pump Replacement Parts & Filler Parts

Celeste Martone Ext 106
Materials Manager
Hose, Tubing & Fittings, Adapters & Clamps

Laura Schnitzer Ext 101
Materials Manager
O-rings and Cord

Quality Assurance

Sean Mayer Ext 237
Quality Assurance Manager

Dan Russo Ext 244
Quality Assurance Specialist

Sergio Ruano Ext 240
Quality Technician


Lisa Cerrato
Business Manager

Yvonne Hopper Ext 241

Michelle Henry Ext 111
Accounts Payable/Receivable

Jennifer Fenimore Ext 238
Marketing and Creative Manager/HR Business Partner

Amanda Marra Ext 131
Warehouse Manager

Christopher Wickham Ext 107
Logistics Assistant

Rubber Fab Europe Team
PSI Products GmbH
Ulrichstrasse 25, 72116 Mössingen/Germany
Office: +49 7473 3781 731
Dominik Wiese
Area Sales Manager, Europe
Mobile: +49 160 91769096
Asja Nudl
Inside Sales
Office: +49 7473 3781 645
Christoph Neuffer
Application Engineer
Office: +49 7473 3781 732
Sascha Butter
Product Manager Europe
Office: +49 2131 349 212 | Mobile: +49 160 92388039