Sight Gauges

Sight Glasses are great for monitoring flow in high-stress applications

Rubber Fab sight gauges are sturdy and perform well in high-stress applications. They are ideal for flow monitored applications where high temperatures and/or corrosive and abrasive products are processed. These liquid level sight flow indicators are high and low pressure rated, have a moderate pressure rating and are unaffected by ultra violet rays or sunlight. Rubber Fab’s sight gauges are not contaminating and will not impart odor or taste. They are ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, high purity acids, and ultra pure water problem applications.

Clear Acrylic Sight Glass

Clear Acrylic Sight Glass tubes are idea for simple sight applications as well as tank level indicators. Learn More
Viewports: Inline Sight Glass

The strongest, most secure sanitary sight glass indicator available, Viewport’s mechanically prestressed windows are available in a sanitary ... Learn More
SG Sight Gauge

Non-Caged FEP Sight Gauge TEMPERATURE: -25°F to 300°F END CONNECTIONS: 316L stainless steel sanitary Tri-Clamp®. Consult factory for other end conn... Learn More
PSSG Sight Gauge

Rubber Fab’s PSSG Sight Gauge is a light weight Polysulfone Sight Gauge. It’s perfect surface connection prevents bacteria from getting... Learn More
CSG Sight Gauge

Rubber Fab’s Caged FEP Sight Gauge is constructed for high pressure applications. It is sturdy which makes it favorable for high stress appli... Learn More
BSG Sight Gauge – Acrylic Insert Sight Gauge

Rubber Fab’s Bolted Sight Gauge provides fast, continuous inspection from all angles. Learn More
Acrylic and Lexan End Caps

Rubber Fab’s end caps are available in either Acrylic or Lexan and come in Bevel Seat or I-Line Style. Learn More
Polysulfone End Caps

Rubber Fab’s polysulfone end caps are available in Bevel Seat or I-Line style. They are also available in Lexan. Learn More