Seal design is an important factor in food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processing. An o-ring is a very important part of that design. O-rings are generally installed in a seal to prevent leaking, or loss of fluid. Rubber Fab offers AS568 Standard o-rings, metric, DIN and custom sizes in a wide variety of materials.

FDA and Class VI O-Rings

These Rubber Fab o-rings are FDA Compliant for use in food applications and Class VI tested for pharmaceutical applications. Learn More
Detectomer® O-Rings

Rubber Fab presents a full line of metal detectable/x-ray inspectable o-rings and cord. Learn More
Quad Rings

Quad Rings are a unique o-ring with a unique “X” style profile. Learn More

Rubber Fab’s cord is the perfect solution for custom o-ring sizes, as well as, in the field fabrication. Learn More
Encapsulated O-rings

FEP Encapsulated o-rings match the chemical and temperature resistance of solid PTFE o-rings. Learn More
O-Ring Sizing Cone

Have an o-ring that you need to replace and you don’t know what size it is? Learn More