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STAMPED Hose Application Guide

Selection of the proper hose assembly for any given application should take into account the following seven considerations. Learn More
Gasket Installation Instructions

Ever wonder what the proper installation and torque of a certain elastomer is? We have all of that information right here for you! Great resource f... Learn More
Temperature Chart

Rubber Fab’s Material Temperature Chart lists temperature ratings in Fahrenheit for Buna, EPDM, FKM (Viton®), Silicone, PTFE, Tuf-Flex®, Tuf-... Learn More
Gasket Color Coding

Many sanitary elastomeric materials are the same in appearance. Rubber Fab sanitary gaskets are specifically color coded with dots to easily identi... Learn More
Anatomy of a Failed Gasket

Presenting Rubber Fab’s Perfect Surface Hygienic Seal System. The perfect union of Torque-Rite® and the Perfect Surface® Hygienic Seal. Torque-Rite... Learn More
Industry Terms and Definitions

See Rubber Fab’s Terms and Definitions Learn More
Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Sizing Guide

These actual size drawings are provided to eliminate sizing errors when specifying sanitary fittings. The outside diameter is the same for 1/8̸... Learn More
Hose Validation Chart

Rubber Fab has complied a complete list of hoses and how they perform with steam and other applications. Learn More
How to Order Hose Assemblies

A Rubber Fab Hose part number provides important details to how the hose is manufactured. Download this brochure to see how to build a hose assembl... Learn More
Chemical Resistance Chart

Rubber Fab has put together a check reference guide of elastomers and their chemical resistance to certain chemicals. Learn More
Dimensional Chart for Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Dimensional chart for measuring the ID, OD and bead of sanitary tri-clamp gaskets. Learn More
Elastomeric Properties

Each elastomer is different and has different properties. Rubber Fab has compiled that information into one document as an easy reference guide. To... Learn More
Flow Is Everything – Understanding Orifice Plates

Orifice plates are irreplaceable for measuring or adjusting flow rates of fluids within sanitary pipe systems. The sizing of plates is critical to ... Learn More
Rubber Fab Product Shelf Life Statements

To download the Rubber Fab Product Shelf Life Statements, please click the titles below. Learn More
Hose Application Chart

Rubber Fab has complied a Hose Application chart as a quick reference to show what hoses could be used in certain applications. To download the Hos... Learn More
Measuring Bend Radius of a Hose

Help in measuring bend radius of a hose Learn More
10 Principles of Sanitary Equipment Design

The following are 10 Principles of Sanitary Equipment Design provided by Fusion Tech. Learn More
Help Keep Pharmaceuticals Safe

Kevin Zamick from Thermo Fisher Scientific explains why it is so important for metal detection in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Learn More
What is a Biopharmaceutical Part 1

BioExecutive International’s article on What is a Biopharmaceutical Part 1 is a great explaination of technical terms and what they mean. Learn More
What is a Biopharmaceutical Part 2

BioExecutive International’s article on What is a Biopharmaceutical Part 2 digs deeper into company and industry definitions. Learn More