Compression Tube Connector

With or without a ferrule and nut, the Compression Tube Connector is a great hose fitting for many different applications

Compression Connectors are sanitary hose fittings with a hose barb on one end and the compression tube adapter on the other. This fitting comes in 316 stainless steel and available in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1″. This fitting is also available with a ferrule and nut.

Hose ID Inch Part Number Description Fitting Tube ID Inch Fitting Barb ID Inch Fitting Overall Length
1/4 04-HB-04CTC-SS .25″ Hose Barb x CTC, 316SS 0.26 0.19 1.43
3/8 06HB-06CTC-SS .375″ Hose Barb x CTC, 316SS 0.38 0.28 1.71
1/2 08HB-08CTC-SS .5″ Hose Barb x CTC, 316SS 0.50 0.39 2.05
3/4 12HB-12CTC-SS .75″ Hose Barb x CTC, 316SS 0.75 0.65 2.50
1 16HB-16CTC-SS 1″ Hose Barb x CTC, 316SS 1.00 0.87 2.61