O-Ring Sizing Cone

Perfect for Sizing O-Rings, The O-Ring Sizing Cone is a Must Have.

Have an o-ring that you need to replace and you don’t know what size it is? Rubber Fab’s o-ring cone is the best solution for sizing o-rings when you are unsure of what to order. Slide the o-ring down the cone to see what size is needed. Makes for easy measuring as the numbers are printed directly on the cone. The cone also has slits near the base. Insert the o-ring to determine the cross section then slide the o-ring down the corresponding side.

O-Ring Sizing Cone

O-Ring measurement cones are the ideal tool for quick and easy identification of standard AS568 O-Ring sizes. The base of the cone has 5 slots to determine the o-ring width. Just slide the o-ring over the cone to identify the corresponding dash #. Dash Numbers are permanently molded into steps around the cone for precise identification. Cones are in stock and available for purchase.


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