Orifice Plate Gaskets are Great for Adjusting Flow Rate

Adjust flow with our assortment of Orifice Plates

There’s a new standard in orifice plate design. Offered in a concentric or eccentric self draining configuration, the Rubber Fab Orifice Plate prevents dead legs, and maintains your flow rate while assuring self drainage thereby eliminating the potential for soil retention. Rubber Fab’s Orifice Plates can advance your system’s performance, adjust flow rate, balance backflow and equalize back pressure during SIP procedures. Achievable benefits while maintaining sanitary conditions!

Every Orifice Plate gasket needs a clamp! Rubber Fab offers a wide array of sanitary clamps in many different sizes to fit your application best. Tabbed Orifice Plate Gasket Clamps are a favorite to accommodate your Tabbed Orifice Plate. It has a slot built right in so you can still read the important information on your tab. Click here to learn more about the different styles we offer.

Orifice Plates

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