Fluidizer Tableting Bed Screens

Fluidizer Tableting Bed Screens at Affordable Prices!

Rubber Fab now offers an aftermarket Fluidizer Tableting Bed Screen Replacement Program; a cost effective alternative to O.E.M replacement screen programs.

Most O.E.M manufacturers, of this type of equipment, actively promote support contracts on an a’ la carte basis, including replacement parts. These screen replacement parts are a high wear item and are extremely expensive. Some O.E.M manufacturers have specifically designed each bed unit with irregular bolt hole patterns in order to justify their replacement parts business and discourage cost effective aftermarket equivalents. In an effort to reduce costs, some tablet operations purchase bulk stainless screen and hand cut screens to fit. If the screen is not cut precisely, it can become embrittled. This cost saving practice has resulted in product recalls and product liability suits.

Rubber Fab Features Benefits O.E.M. and Competition
Laser etched identification Marking screens with indelible identification greatly reduces production rejection rate. We can custom etch each screen
with Lot Number, Heat Number, Mesh Size, Ingredient, or other customer specified identification.
The competition does not offer identification as standard. The current method of identifying mesh and diameter sizes is with a tape measure and an optical comparator. This method is extremely subjective and commonly leads to misidentification, creating possible validation issues.
Precision CNC cutting Precision CNC cutting eliminates over stressing the wire during fabrication reducing risk of contamination and allowing for a precision fit Many other companies are still using the old method of spring steel dies and sheers which lead to wire stress.
Superior Packaging RubberFab has designed its packaging to ship our screens in a crush proof lay flat container to eliminate screen damage during shipment OEMs ship their screens in plastic or corrugate tubes, which have the potential to be crushed and dropped during shipment, resulting in product loss.
Optional Sintering RubberFab offers a sintering process that eliminates wire fray by bonding intersecting strands Sintering is not typically offered by OEMs