WDAM Wash Down Hose Spray Nozzle

With a 363 psi spray nozzle, the Wash Down Spray Nozzle is perfect for efficient cleaning of any space.

Rubber Fab’s Wash Down Spray Nozzle is extremely robust and has a long service life due to its high-quality brass/stainless steel design.

Additionally, it is protected against shock, heat and cold and has a rubber protection against any damage from caustic solutions and acids. The Wash Down Spray Nozzle helps to save considerable water and energy costs, which, along with its chemical-free cleaning capability, contributes to the protection of the environment. The flow can be adjusted from a fine spray to a concentrated jet, making the spray nozzle the right choice for a careful and efficient cleaning for nearly any professional application.

WDAM Wash Down Hose Spray Nozzle

Rubber Fab’s Hose Spray Nozzle is the perfect accessory for the WDAM Wash Down Hose. To learn more about the wash down hose, please click here.


Wash Down Hose

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