RTP – Smoothbore Heavy Wall PTFE Lined EPDM Rubber Hose

One great application for the RTP is as a hot CIP solutions transfer hose

Smoothbore Heavy Wall PTFE Lined EPDM Rubber Hose

TUBE: Seamless white heavy wall PTFE
COVER: EPDM rubber (abrasion resistant)
REINFORCEMENT: Multiple braids, helical wire
TEMPERATURE: -20°F to 300°F

Part Number Hose ID Inch Hose OD Inch Bend Radius Inch Max. Working Pressure @70°F PSIG Vacuum Rating @ 70°F in. Hg. Weight per FT
08RFRTP 0.53 1.00 1.80 600 FULL 0.46
12RFRTP 0.78 1.30 2.50 550 FULL 0.56
16RFRTP 1.03 1.54 3.40 530 FULL 0.79
24RFRTP 1.52 2.19 5.50 430 FULL 1.22
32RFRTP 2.02 2.73 8.00 430 FULL 1.84

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