Torque Tee

Working much like a sanitary clamp wrench, The Torque Tee and Socket works to make a perfectly torqued seal in minutes

Rubber Fab’s Torque Tee and universal socket are designed to aid in clamp installation and removal. Available with a family of components, the Torque Tee handle creates effective tightening leverage and aids in reaching tight spaces, including over head and behind tanks. The universal socket is required when using the Torque Tee.

Rubber Fab is pleased to offer the Torque Tee in Chrome Plated! Same great features and now with a chrome plated handle. Available in 30 in/lb and 50 in/lbs. Consult factory for other torques. The socket and accessories are all sold separately.

Torque Tee
Picture Reference Product Part Number Product Color Recommended For
1 Tee Handle 30 IN LBS TR-30-TEE-CP Green Buna, EPDM, FKM, Silicone, Tuf-Flex®
Not Shown Tee Handle 40 IN LBS TR-40-TEE-CP Blue Buna, EPDM, FKM, Silicone, Tuf-Flex®
2 Tee Handle 50 IN LBS TR-50-TEE-CP Red PTFE, Tuf-Steel®, Envelope Gaskets
Not Shown Tee Handle 70 IN LBS TR-70-TEE-CP Aluminum GYLON BIO-PRO®, GYLON BIO-PRO PLUS™
3 Universal Socket WN-TR-SOCKET Blue Torque Tee
4 3 Pc Extension Kit
(2″, 3″ and 6″ lengths)
TR-EX-.25-SET Silver Universal Socket
5 1/4″ Swivel Joint TR-SWIVEL-.25 Silver Universal Socket
6 1/4″ Palm Wrench TR-PW-.25 Silver Universal Socket
7 Torque-Rite® 30 IN LBS TR-30 Silver Torquing Elastomeric Gaskets
Not Shown Torque-Rite® 50 IN LBS TR-50 Torquing Elastomeric Gaskets

All accessories are sold separately.

Perfect for tight places!

Torque Tee



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