Detectomer® Family of Products

No one likes costly recalls. Prevent Elastomeric contamination with Detectomer® Products

Prevent costly downtime and product recalls with the Detectomer® Family of Products! These gaskets, o-rings, quad rings, sheet and cord are available in Metal Detectable/X-ray Inspectable materials to provide you with the ultimate in product detection!


Detectomer® Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Detectomer® products include Tri-Clamp® gaskets, screens, orifice plates,  camlock gaskets/screens, rod, sheet, and scraper blades and are availabl... Learn More
Detectomer® O-Ring

Rubber Fab presents a full line of metal detectable/x-ray inspectable o-rings and cord. Learn More
Detectomer® Cord – Custom O-ring Cord

Rubber Fab’s Detectomer® cord is the perfect solution for custom o-ring sizes, as well as, in the field fabrication. Learn More
Detectomer® Sheet

Rubber Fab’s Detectomer® Metal Detectable/X-ray Inspectable sheeting can be used as a barrier for protection on conveyor belts or fabricated ... Learn More
Detectomer® Quad Rings

Quad rings are a unique o-ring with a unique profile. Learn More
Detectomer® Bevel Seat Gasket

The Detectomer® Family of Products is pleased to announce the addition of Buna Bevel Seats to the line. Learn More