We have the o-rings you need for your sanitary fillers

Rubber Fab has a large inventory of O-Rings for Cherry Burrell®, Evergreen®, International Paper®, Pure Pak®, Liqui-Box®, Nimco®, Gram®, Sweetheart®, Portion Pak®, Anderson® and other sanitary fillers. Standard FDA approved materials available include Buna, EPDM, FKM and Silicone.

Part No. Description
RF5540006 O-Ring
RF5540044 O-Ring
RF5540072 O-Ring
RF5540121 O-Ring
RF5540127 O-Ring
RF5540130 O-Ring
RF5540147 O-Ring
RF5540165 O-Ring
RF5540186 O-Ring
RF5540192 O-Ring
RF5540223 O-Ring
RF5540353 O-Ring
RF5540584 O-Ring-FKM
RF5540650 O-Ring-Silicone
RF5540701 O-Ring
RF5540751 Fill Nozz. Chk Vlv Body O-Ring
RF5540827 O-Ring
RF5541123 O-Ring
RF5541159 O-Ring-FKM
RF5541216 O-Ring
RF5541430 O-Ring-FKM
RF5541796 O-Ring-EPDM
RF5541798 O-Ring
RF5541847 O-Ring
RF5541848 O-Ring
RF5541922 O-Ring-FKM
RF5541951 O-Ring-FKM
RF5542065 O-Ring


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