Evergreen® Filler gasket replacements are available in a variety of elastomers

Rubber Fab manufactures Q-Line, I-Line, Burst Disc, and Clamp style gaskets as required for Evergreen® fillers molded in FDA compliant and 3A approved compounds. Standard and optional compounds include EPDM in white or black, FKM, Silicone, and PTFE for challenging aseptic applications.

Part No. Description
RF5540324 40IH-1″ I-Line-Buna (Black)
RF5540325 40IH-1.5″ I-Line-Buna (Black)
RF5540326 40IH-200 I-Line-Buna
RF5540327 40IH-250 I-Line-Buna
RF5540328 40IH-300 I-Line-Buna
RF5540329 40IH-400 I-Line-Buna
RF5540332 Large Flat Gasket
RF5540398 1″ x 1.5″ 40 IH Gasket
RF5540399 40QH-100,1″ Q-Line-Buna
RF5540400 40QH-150, 1.5″ Q-Line-Buna
RF5541570 1.5″ 40MPSFY FKM Gasket
RF5541571 2″ 40MPSFY FKM Gasket
RF5541725 40IE-W-150 I-Line-EPDM
RF5541726 40IE-W-200 I-Line-EPDM
RF5541727 40IE-W-250 I-Line-EPDM
RF5541728 40IE-W-300 I-Line-EPDM
RF5541924 40IE-100 I-Line -EPDM
RF5541954 Gasket Silicone
RF5541959 Gasket Silicone
RF5541960 Gasket Silicone



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