Sock Screen Gaskets

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Sock Screen Gaskets

Sock screen strainer designs are inserted into the I.D. of your stainless steel tubing and provide filtration for a greater soil retention.  The extended sock shaped mesh gasket offers up to 300% more open area for 300% more soil collection capability than conventional screens.

They provide greater flow for situations where a large amount of particulates are involved. Due to the large capacity and open screen area, sock screens require less service, therefore, reducing down time and costly change outs, a major consideration with inline pharmaceutical processing. Sock screens are available with Tri-Clamp® or Camlock gaskets.

While protecting expensive processing pumps and equipment from foreign matter, sock screens are especially effective in decreasing pump wear and burnout while increasing energy conservation.  Regularly used in the transfer of liquids from a bulk tank to a tank truck and/or in the opposite direction, sanitary sock screens are specifically designed for high volume applications with low pressure drop.

Superior Quality
  • Rubber Fab sock design assures a tight fit while allowing continuous fluid flow and filtratration.
  • Durable 316 Stainless Steel with the elastomer of your choice.
  • Various available configurations.
Superior Performance
  • Fully reusable for an average of 250 to 300 procedures.
  • Eliminates leaks and breakage in your lines.
Optional Product:

The Perforated Sock Screen

Camlock Perforated Sock Screen


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