Vibration Isolator – Flexible Joint

Rubber Fab’s answer to absorbing vibration in a pipeline – The Vibration Isolator

Vibration can effect your processing line, whether it be from a pump or some other vibration source. Rubber Fab can help with that! The Vibration Isolator Flexible Joint is installed between pumps (or other sources of vibration) and fixed sanitary pipelines, absorbs vibration that can weaken or damage critical pipeline systems. Its flexible feature allows for slight misalignment of connections.

Vibration Isolator Features:

  • Silicone construction
  • Handles pressures up to 15 psi
  • Eases connection of misaligned joints
  • Simple Installation: cut a section of pipe, weld the clamping ferrules on each end, slip the joint in place and clamp
  • Stock sizes: 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, and 4″ sizes (Consult Factory for other sizes)
  • Sold as a coupling system (Boot and (2) Rings) or as components


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