FDA Brewery Transfer Hose in Craft Brewing

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FDA Brewery Transfer Hose in Craft Brewing

This FDA BOC Bromobutyl Hose solved the leakage problem and created a better product

A growing US Craft Brewer encountered an issue when using standard food and beverage hoses, which used nitrile/PVC liner. The hose transferred ambient wort and chilled carbonated beer during the brewing process. However, the customer experienced leakages on all hoses which led to issues such as:

  • Loss of product
  • Cleaning operations
  • Hose replacement costs

Rubber Fab was able to determine the cause of rapid degradation in the hoses. After the customer replaced existing hoses with Rubber Fab’s FDA Brewery Transfer Hose, they experienced a significant increase in resistance, flexibility, and durability for long-term service in brewing applications. Learn more about the benefits provided by FDA bromobutyl-lined hosing.