Flex-Pure® is In Stock!

Flex-Pure® is In Stock!

Introducing Rubber Fab’s Flex-Pure® Enhanced EPDM Gasket

Traditional EPDM gaskets have been in the pharmaceutical processing industry for many years. While they have solved the problem of needing a seal that can handle temperatures between -30ºF to 300ºF, they have their shortcomings; one of which is gasket adhesion. Gasket adhesion is when the gasket sticks to the stainless steel flanges, causing loss of surface pressure, swelling of the gasket and excessive cleaning. This problem can become very costly for a number of reasons. 

We Have a Solution! 

Rubber Fab’s Flex-Pure® EPDM gasket has a good temperature resistance from -29ºF to 300ºF (-34ºC to 149ºC) and has excellent media resistance to hot water, steam, acids and alkalies. Due to its very good resistance to steam, acids and alkalies, Flex-Pure® is compatible with most CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place) cleaning media. Flex-Pure™ is therefore suitable for use in sterilizable bioreactors and in many synthesis processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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