Detectomer® Tuf-Steel® Gaskets in Peanut Butter Processing

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Detectomer® Tuf-Steel® Gaskets in Peanut Butter Processing

This food processing plant benefitted from Detectomer® Tuf-Steel® by reducing product recalls

A leading food processor for peanut butter products had failed to detect contaminations, resulting in two product recalls. In both cases, the cause was traced back to rubber particles entering the production process.

Processing peanut butter on an industrial scale is particularly difficult to efficiently process. The industry typically faces multiple challenges during processing including:

  • Abrasiveness of nuts causing significant damage to equipment
  • Peanut and vegetable oils causing gaskets to degrade
  • A high density, wet production nature making it more difficult to detect contamination

After a consultation with the processor, the Rubber Fab team was able to identify the main issues: the use of incorrect gaskets and improper detection techniques. Through the installation of X-ray detection equipment and Detectomer® Tuf-Steel sanitary gaskets, the customer has not experienced any gasket degradation and has avoided additional product recalls. Learn more about the benefits this manufacturer saw with Detectomer Tuf-Steel gaskets.