GYLON® BIO-ECO® Plus Progressive Cavity Pump

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GYLON® BIO-ECO® Plus Progressive Cavity Pump

GYLON BIO-ECO® was the perfect sealing solution for this progressive cavity pump case study

The increasing demand of high performance equipment in the Food and Pharmaceutical industry triggered the development of a new excentric cavity pump to address the strictest hygienic requirements. Addressing these needs SEEPEX began the development of its new progressive cavity pump. As a manufacturer of high quality products SEEPEX reached out to Garlock for their sealing demands. The basis for a successful cooperation has been established.

In the pharmaceutical and food industries, the demands placed on a hygienic connection are rightly particularly high. In the area of Hygienic Sealing Solutions, Garlock has adapted to the constantly increasing requirements and customer needs. Garlock has supported SEEPEX in finding the best possible sealing solution. The requirements for a hygienic sealing solution are:

  • Good cleanability of the materials used
  • Dimensional stability of the sealing material
  • Good resistance towards chemicals and high temperatures
  • Compliance with the underlying regulations