Tuf-Steel® Sanitary Gaskets in Juice Processing

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Tuf-Steel® Sanitary Gaskets in Juice Processing

A large US beverage manufacturer was using standard PTFE tri-clamp gaskets on their hygienic pipe connections. These gaskets were failing regularly and, in order to avoid severe leaks, were being replaced weekly.

After taking into account the need for mechanical strength, chemical compatibility, and resilience in temperature cycling conditions, it was recommended that the standard PTFE gaskets be replaced with Rubber Fab’s Tuf-Steel® sanitary gaskets. Tuf-Steel® sanitary gaskets offer:

  • Long-lasting, durable seals
  • No transference of odor or taste
  • A unique proprietary blend of PTFE and 316L stainless steel

After Tuf-Steel® was adopted throughout the whole plant, all leaks were eliminated and gasket replacements are only necessary every 2-3 months rather than on a weekly basis. Learn more about the challenges overcome and the benefits provided.